Samuel A. Danziger
PhD, Biomedical Engineering


During my time as a graduate student, I've written some software tools that may be useful to others

NNN PCR Simulator : A Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) simulator used to check for unintended results caused by interactions between multiple different oligos and 5' oligo deletions. (Source - 9 KB)

CODA Mutant Design Tool: Gabe Moothart and I wrote a piece of software using VBA in Microsoft Excel to design the optimal oligonucleotides to mutate our CODA designed gene. (Source - .1 MB)

CMIM in Weka: A rather speedy implementation of Francois Fleuret's Conditional Mutual Information Maximization (CMIM) feature selection algorithm in the Weka machine learning environment. (Source and Executable - 45 MB)

Polynet in Weka: An implentation of the Anderson / Gaborski Polynet in the Weka machine learning environment. (Source and Executable - 6 MB)

Region Tool: During a six month lab rotation with Dr. Joerg Meyer, I wrote a small C++/Open GL application for viewing MRI data and exploring Haar Wavelet Compression. (Source and Executable - 3 MB)

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