Samuel A. Danziger
PhD, Biomedical Engineering


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Useful Software

All software is free unless otherwise noted.

Cygwin: Run Linux on windows.

Eclipse: Open source development environment for Java, Ruby, Python and other languages.

Netbeans: Recent versions of Netbeans have been superior to Eclipse, especially for Ruby debugging.

Textpad: Windows text editor that supports regular expressions, key word highlighting, and many other useful features.

Weka: Open source machine learning environment.

Modeller: Homology modeling software.

Chimera: Molecular visualization software.

Warftp: Windows FTP server that works well.

Cutepdf: Print any document to a .pdf on MS Windows.

Amber: Molecular Dynamics Package. $400 for academic/non-profit/government organizations.


Dr. Richard H. Lathrop

Dr. Peter Kaiser

Dr. Rainer K. Brachmann

Departments and Academic Organizations

UCI Biomedical Engineering

UCI Computer Science

UCI's branch of the Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics (IGB)


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